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Anonymous asks: whats your tattoo of?

it’s a douglas fir pinecone, dude

i get mad when cute boys hit on me bc i can appreciate it but it’s such a waste

like if an attractive person hits on me whyyyyy do they have to have a schlong and facial hair 

spent the day wandering prague and looking at medival torture devices!!

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everyones seen this but its so good


i’m in bohemia and i hiked in the alps this week and my body feels healthy and strong 

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prague 7/27/14

Asking women to respect themselves in order to ‘earn’ the right to be treated like a human being is total horseshit. But suggesting that you have the right to treat her exactly as you please because she didn’t adhere to your archaic views of feminine propriety is misogyny, plain and simple.
—Clementine Ford (via ranjhana)

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